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The Drilling Supervisors Guide to Understanding and Maintaining Drilling Fluids

By Dr. Kenneth L. Bridges, 2008

This guide covers virtually every aspect involved in understanding and maintaining drilling fluids.  It is intended to give the Drilling Supervisor and the on-site Mud Engineer a thorough understanding of drilling mud. The book begins by giving a basic understanding of mud chemistry. Clay and polymer chemistry are then covered in detail. Calculations for engineering and maintaining the mud are presented in a clear and simple format. The goal of the manual is to enable the rig site supervision to be able to understand and manage the drilling mud programs.  Topics include: Functions of Drilling Fluids; Drilling Fluid Properties; Well Bore Stability; Drilling Fluid Components; Drilling Fluid Systems; Solids Control; and more!  2008, Drilbert Engineering.  350 pages.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1Functions of Drilling Fluids
Chapter 2Drilling Fluid Properties
Chapter 3Basic Chemical Concepts And Terminology
Chapter 4Clay Chemistry
Chapter 5Engineering And Maintenance Calculations
Chapter 6Well Bore Stability
Chapter 7Drilling Fluid Components
Chapter 8Drilling Fluid Systems
Chapter 9Trend Analysis
Chapter 10Contaminants
Chapter 11Planning A Drilling Fluid Program
Chapter 12Solids Control
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